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Conservationist and changemaker

I am an Australian environmentalist with qualifications in conservation science (MSc, University of Queensland) and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (University of Melbourne). I am also a wildlife artist and an experienced environmental educator – who has worked with students of all ages on programs including leadership, science communication, climate change, threatened species and sustainability.

My research

Childhood experiences and environmental attitudes

My Master’s thesis examined the childhood, to better understand the types of early-life experiences that are effective at cultivating strong conservation attitudes and behaviours. Keep an eye of for my paper, soon to be published in the journal People and Nature.

Field research around Australia

I have conducted ecological research in threatened ecosystems including the Great Barrier Reef, Taunton and Lamington National Parks. I have worked with a variety of threatened wildlife including tiger quolls, brush tailed rock wallabies, leadbeaters possums and koalas.

Conservation conflicts

In a short research contract for the University of Queensland, I explored decision-making and management tools to resolved conservation conflicts between people and nature. This included a critical review of multicriteria analysis, joint fact finding and adaptive-co-management

Youth empowerment

The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI)

Since 2017 I have been an active leader within JGI Australia and a coordinator of the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC). The NYLC is comprised of young change makers keen to make a difference for animals, people and the environment. As a coordinator, I am highly passionate about helping young leaders to reach their full potential.

JGI Global Leadership Gathering 2019

Last year I was fortunate to attend Jane’s global gathering of young leaders at Windsor Castle. At this conference, I worked within a global team to develop a solution to an important conservation problem – habitat loss.

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