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National Geographic Jane Goodall : the HOPE

I’m very honoured to have recently featured in National Geographic’s 2020 documentary Jane Goodall: The Hope. This snippet captures an amazing day at St George’s House Windsor Castle, when Harry Duke of Sussex visited Jane Goodall’s global leadership gathering that I was attending.

Youth voice on peace and climate action

I recently spoke at the United Nations Association of Australia’s Youth Voice on Peace and Climate Change workshop. This important event placed young people in the drivers seat of developing their own voice about climate change, by using creative mediums including dance, music, art and special effects, video, and computer gaming.

Childhood experiences and conservation conservation concern

In May 2020, Lonely Conservationists invited me to be their first guest speaker for their new webinar / workshop series in Conservation Psychology. We discussed my soon to be published research paper, ‘Conservation concern is associated with childhood socio-cultural experiences in Australian undergraduates’.

COVID-19 Economic Recovery

“There’s never been a better time to introduce a green, circular, fair economy.  And this time around, we can use science to design an economy that is resilient to climate change, biodiversity loss and pandemics.”

During my masters I spent time on Heron Island Research Station conducting experiments on coral bleaching. Above is footage I captured of a critically endangered (IUCN) Hawksbill Turtle traversing the bleached reef. The ‘cracking’ noise that you can hear is the sound of thousands of shrimp clicking their claws.